>>We currently are not offering (nor are we accepting) the 10% coupon that used to be found on this website or our Facebook page. It has been removed, so any production of those coupons would now be unauthorized and not valid.

>>We are accepting the 10% off PTO cards some Cabarrus County schools have distributed to parents (as long as they are valid for this year).

>>We are offering what we call STAMP CARDS for loyal customers; these are a great way to be rewarded for your repeat business!

This is how they work:

-Every $8 you spend prior to tax earns one stamp.

-Once you have earned ten (10) stamps, you can turn in your card for $8 off your final bill!

-You may NOT acquire additional stamps if you are redeeming a stamp card; you are welcome to start a new card on your next visit.

-Maximum discount of $8 per table; you may not redeem multiple stamp cards in one order, not may you combine or use a stamp card if you are using a 10% discount, or getting discounts via the Wine Down Wednesday promotion, or the Tuesday Kids Eat Free promotion.  

-STAMP CARDS do EXPIRE; expired cards will not be accepted. You must acquire your stamps for your visit prior to leaving, once you leave we cannot give you stamps for previous visits since there is no way of tracking your visits.



We apologize for all the fine print, but due to the abuse of what used to be our 10% off coupon we must specify each and every stipulation. We want to reward loyalty, but as a small business we cannot afford to be taken advantage of.

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